Happy birthday wishes for Daughter

Best happy birthday daughter quotes

Here Are Best Birthday Wishes For Daughter

Daughter is a precious gift bestowed by God and we want to welcome every birthday of her in a unique way that can bring more fun and give him more happiness. We want to make it memorable for our daughter every time and it doesn’t matter whether she celebrating her 1st birthday or 25th birth. It’ll also precious to enter in the next of her life greatly and moving forward into her life. You can find out the best messages for her daughter to pronounce and remember the birthday exceedingly. These messages will be drastically helpful in bringing a cute, bright and big smile on her face.

If you become able to produce such happiness for your daughter, you’ll be one of the most lovable dads of the earth and a happier person as well. There are a lot of words to express your thoughts and happiness as a father for your daughter, how important precious diamond you’re for me and your mom!

Cute and Sweet Happy Birthday Wishes Daughter

birthday wishes for daughter
best birthday wishes for daughter

Daughter, Daughter,
Little Daughter,
Happy Birthday,
You are all that matter!

When God is Kind, He blesses a Father
With a Daughter
Whom I Wish a Happy Birthday!
Your smile is all that Matter!

God’s Kindest Blessing to a Mother
Is her Firstborn to be a Daughter
Whom I wish a Happy 16th Birthday
Full of Smiles, Cakes, and Chatter!

You are my angel, darling,
For you “Happy Birthday” I sing,
With lots of blessings, love, and cheer-
May your eyes never have a drop o’ tear!

You are my darling princess
Whom I give a Million Kisses
On her 12th happy birthday!
Daddy loves you more than he’ll ever say!

birthday wishes for daughter from dad
                                birthday wishes from dad

If I were a King, You would be my Princess,
Darling Daughter, for you are all my kisses,
Wish you the Happiest Ever Birthday!
Dad loves you more than he can say!

Happy Birthday, Darling Daughter,
Your Smile is All that Matter!
We are Proud to be your Parents
You are the Best of Life’s Presents!

If I were a Queen, you would be my Darling Princess,
I wish you a Happy Birthday, Darling Daughter,
For you are all my Love, Hugs, and Kisses!

On this day I first became a Mother
Of the Best Daughter
Like whom can be None Other,
Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!
Your Joy is all that matter!

Your 14th Birthday is also
The 14th Anniversary of my Motherhood-
It’s a Very Special Day, Beloved Daughter!
Happy Birthday, Be Blessed with everythin’ Good!

birthday wishes to my daughter
happy birthday wishes to my daughter

My Little Princess
Turns 10 Today!
May all Happiness be Yours-
Have a Happy Birthday!

The Day you were born
Was the Happiest Day in our Lives!
Happy Birthday, Darling Daughter!
May you be a winner in All Life’s Strives!

Daughter, you are my reason to live!
Have the Happiest of Birthdays!
I love you more than you would ever believe!

I’m Blesses to have you as a Daughter
I’m the luckiest Dad ever!
Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!
May you be smiling, forever!

My daughter is my Pride-
My brightest cause to live!
Happy Birthday, Honey!
To you, all my Love I Give!

A daughter is a bundle of Sugar and Spice
And everything Nice –
Wish you a Happy Birthday, Honey!
May life be sweet, in every slice!

happy birthday daughter image
Best Happy birthday daughter image

Mom’s Doll and Dad’s Princess,
Here’s a million Birthday Kisses-
Happy Birthday, Darling Daughter!
Enjoy with Lots of Smiles and Chatter!

As you grow into a Teen,
Princess, Be Ready to be a Queen!
Have the Happiest ever Birthday!
Your Adolescence be glorious, may!

You’ve always brought us Joy,
Pride, Happiness, and Glee!
Happy Birthday, Darling Daughter!
You mean to us more than the world can see!

As you Turn Twenty, Beloved Daughter,
I Find a Confidante in You!
Happy Birthday, My Closest Friend!
My Love for you knows no end!

As you Become an Adult and Turn Eighteen,
I know My Princess will soon be a Queen!
But, I would never be ready to let you go-
Happy Birthday, Honey! Please grow slow!

Ever since you were born,
You’ve been the Apple of My Eye-
May you have the Happiest Birthday,
Full of Cakes, Sugar, Cherry, and Pie!

Best happy birthday daughter quotes
Happy birthday daughter quotes

I got a Living Doll, the Day you were Born!
And My Doll Turns Seventeen Today –
Love you Darling, Have a Happy Birthday!
May Life be Full of Roses N’ Not a Single Thorn!

Happy Birthday, Dear Daughter!
May Life Shower you Lots of Glitter
Of Hope, Love, Joy, and Cheer!
May you never know a speck of fear!

You are our Darling Princess
Who Deserves a Million Kisses
On Her Birthday and Forever!
Keep Smiling, be Sad Never!

As you turn Thirty today,
Dear Daughter, you are my Biggest Support!
I wish you a Happy Yippie Birthday!
May we always enjoy this friendly rapport!

My Princess turns Ten, Today,
And she’s so grownup already!
I’m amazed when you act so big!
Happy Birthday, Dear Lady!

Pretty Maid, Pretty Maid,
Blessed I’ve been,
To have you as my Daughter!
Have a Happy Nineteen!

Happy birthday daughter
Happy birthday daughter

Que Sera Sera, Dear Princess,
What Will Be Will be,
Have a Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!
May it be the Sweetest Sixteen!

My Love for you Knows no Bounds-
I cannot measure it in ounces and pounds!
Here’s wishing you, my princess, a Happy Sixteen,
A Birthday full of Cheer and Sheen!

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