happy birthday wishes for kids

Cute Birthday Wishes For Kids

Child’s birthdays is one of the most memorable and entertaining events always. It excites you with them and there are some memorable parts of the birthday party always reside in these minds if you provide a lot of happiness with your great wishing message on happy birthday. If you’re looking to wish any kid in his/her birthday, it’ll be great for the happiness of both of you.

The excitement becomes double if you surprise them by providing birthday gifts with the same wishing cards. However small kids don’t have the awareness to keep these cards together safely so these are generally kept by their parents and it comes to comprehend by them when they grow. They also don’t have active participation in the event as compared to toddlers that enjoy these happy events with much eagerness.

Here Is a list of collection for a various happy birthday.

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Impressive happy birthday wishes for kids

Happy Birthday, dear child,
May you be loved far and wide!

May you have a happy fifth birthday,
May you be blessed with every bright sunray!

Happy birthday, little one!
Loved like you there is none!

First birthday is a very special day,
May God bless the boy,
May he have a happy birthday!

Birthdays are fun, birthdays bring joy,
Happy Birthday, dear child,
You are a very special boy!

Love you little girl,
Have a happy birthday,
Every joy be yours,
May blessed you stay!

birthday wishes for kids
                                       happy birthday wishes for kids

May you have a joyful day,
As you turn four,
Happy birthday, little doll,
Enjoy cakes, toys, and more!

As a munchkin turns three today,
I wish her a super happy birthday!

Love you, little boy,
Have a happy birthday
Full of fun and joy!

Your birthday is a special day,
You’re my favourite little princess,
Wish you a Happy Birthday,
With tons of hugs and kisses!

May you get toys, cakes, and crayons,
On this 4th birthday, dear child,
May you have a happy birthday,
May you be blessed far and wide

happy birthday kids
                                            Happy birthday kids

Happy Birthday to a little toddler,
Who brings smiles to our faces,
May you be blessed with love and smiles,
May you win all the races!

Birthday of a little princess
Means dolls, dance, and dresses,
Happy Birthday, dear girl,
Sending you the warmest wishes!

You bring all around you so much joy,
You’re the cutest little boy,
Happy Birthday!
Have much fun!

As the little one turns two,
I wish her a happy birthday,
Full of love and blessings true!

As the little boy turns three,
I WISH him a happy birthday,
Chirpy and sugary!

Happy Birthday to the cutest bunny,
Wishing you fun, frolics, and everything sunny!

birthday wishes images for kids
                                     Birthday wishes images for kids

Happy Birthday, sweetie pie,
Let’s party as you turn five!

Happy Birthday to the apple of our eye,
You, dear child, is the sweetest pie!

Happy Birthday, honey bunny!
You, dear boy, is too smart and funny!
May your life be rosy and sunny!

Happy Birthday, cutie pie!
Do know you’re the apple of our eye!

You’re my little Red Riding Hood,
Enjoy your sixth birthday,
As happily as you should!

May your birthday be fun,
May your birthday bring joy,
Stay Blessed forever,
Happy seventh birthday, little boy!

Birthday wishes for kids
                                        birthday wishes for kids

You’re your parents’ princess,
You’re my cutie munchkin,
Happy birthday, angel,
Sending you love and kisses!

Happy fourth birthday, to the cutest bunny!
Love you, dearie,
Stay as sweet as honey!

As the little girl turns seven,
I wish her a happy yippee birthday,
May she always be smart and driven!

You’re the sweetest kid in town,
May you never know a frown!
Have a happy eighth birthday,
Smiling may you forever stay!

Happy seventh birthday, kid!
I’M missing you more than I ever did! May you get sweeter and smarter,
I will love you forever and after!

Today, you turn a terrific ten,
You belong to the smart nexgen,
Wishing you the happiest birthday,
May all your smiles forever stay!

birthday wishes for kid girl
                                          birthday wishes for kid girl

Happy ninth birthday, kid!
You grew up before we batted an eyelid!
Enjoy the rainbows that life has to offer!
May you stay loved, near and far