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Birthday Wishes & Quotes  For Friend

A birthday is a very special day in everybody’s life. We all feel great if we are showered love, affection, and attention on this special day of ours. Surprises, thoughtful gifts, beautiful cards with memorable messages stay with us throughout the year and often throughout our lives.

Similarly, we love to gift our friend ones beautiful moments on their birthdays. We plan to create such moments by throwing surprise parties, buying cakes and gifts, and wishing them a happy life with birthday cards carrying beautiful messages. These Birthday wishes and quotes often can bring the most wonderful of smiles on friend face.

The message can be an emotional, friendly, romantic, affectionate, funny or quirky. It depends upon the relationship we share with the birthday girl or boy. It can be for our Mom, Dad, Son, Daughter, Nephew, Niece, Grandparents, Siblings, Teachers, Cousins, In-laws, Neighbors, Boss, or Colleagues. It can be for a classmate or a playmate, a dear friend or the closest friend, a girlfriend or a boyfriend, a husband or a wife, a fiancé or a fiancée.

Happy Birthday Friend Wishes Images Messages Quotes

A Wish Quote in a Birthday Card for a girlfriend can be mushy, passionate, and romantic, thus making her feel secure and adored. A humorous and naughty message can burst her into lovely laughter and blush at the same time. A wish or quote for a boyfriend can have double-meaning one-liners making him feel cherished. Choose a Birthday Card with care so that the message makes the day special for a birthday friend.

List Of Birthday wishes To a Friend

May the Sun kiss you “Hello!”
May your woes all turn mellow.
Wishing, age never turns you grey,
May you have a Happy Birthday!

May you get younger each day,
May no pain come your way!
Love you more than I can say,
Wish you a Very Happy Birthday!

A friend in need is a friend indeed
The one who knows no caste or creed
May you always stay this way!
Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday!

Love you, friend, forever and ever
Growing old, we part may never!
Wish you be blessed by each sun ray,
As you have a Happy Birthday!

Blow your candles, sing your song,
Cut your cake and party long,
May you get younger, happier you stay!
Sending you Hugs for a Happy Birthday!

May you read the Best Books this year,
May you be loved by all, far – near!
May you live each day without Fear!
May you have a Happy Birthday, My Dear!

No more counting candles,
No more adding years!
May this Birthday be the Happiest,
With Love, Luck, and Cheers!

 Forget the past, embrace the “today”,
Have a Fun-filled N’ Happy Birthday!

May gorgeous sunrises greet you
And lovely sunsets bless you,
Here’s Wishing you a Happy Birthday
Full of wonders, brighter and new!

Friends are special, as you are to me,
Birthdays are fun, with cake n’ candy,
You ought to have a special day,
Full of laughter, Cheerful and gay!

You are Special, Precious, and Dear,
As a friend who always stays near,
May you have a Wonderful Day!
Have a Happy Birthday in your own way!

You are a Friend whom I treasure!
The years in life may you never measure
By gain or loss, just Be your own Boss!
Have a Happy Birthday, Joyous and Gay!

Some people are much more than a friend,
You are one of them, my dear,
May all your woes come to an end!
Have a Happy Birthday Full of Cheer!

As you reach another Birthday tomorrow,
Embrace the joys, and forget the sorrow.
Wish you a Happy Birthday, my friend!
May our bond never reach an end!

May All your Dreams Come True
May you Not Have a Day Blue!
May you have your Wishes Fulfilled!
With Fun May Your Birthday Be Filled!

May this Birthday Bring you Newer Promises
Colourful Joys and Sweeter Kisses
Wish you a Happy Day, Year, Life,
Free of All Worry, Care, and Strife!

Sweeter Dreams and Lovelier Wishes
Brighter Joys and renewed Promises
Are Wished for You, this Birthday
And Forever Friends May We Stay!

Have a Happy Birthday, My Dear Friend!
May Your Joys Have No End!
May You Have Newer Dreams to Pursue!
And All your Wishes May Come True!

 As we become teens together,
May We Be Sunny in every weather!
May this Birthday Be a Special One!
As Precious as you, there is None!

True Friends can really Read your Mind
‘Though they’re a bit hard to find!
I know what you want on this Birthday,
With you May Forever All that stay!

Birthdays Are Special,
Birthdays are Fun,
May you have a Happy One!
Care there Be None!

The Sweetest Songs Be Sung Today,
Wish You the Happiest Ever Birthday!

As you turn Twenty
May Smiles Be Plenty!
May the Joys Be Brighter,
Glowing with Birthday Cheer!

Love you, Dear Friend,
You’ve been a Godsend!
May this Birthday Fun, Joy, Cheer
Make you Younger Every Year!

May we Chat Longer Hours,
As you add another year!
May your Life be Full of Colors,
Here’s Sending you a Birthday Cheer!

Having you as a friend keeps me alive
It’s our bond that helps me thrive
May we always stay this way!
Wishing you a Blissful Happy Birthday!

You are Priceless,
A Precious Friend!
My Love for You Knows No End!
As you get younger, Be Happier you May,
Be Healthier, and Have a Happy Birthday!

We grew up together, we sang the same songs,
As you stay far away, my heart weeps ‘n longs,
Today, on your Birthday, I wish you the BEST!
When we meet next time, I’ll tell you the rest!

As we add years to our lives,
Let’s be younger in our hearts,
Let’s toast our friendship that thrives,
Let’s have the Best Birthday Tarts!

A Birthday is Precious, as you are, My Friend,
May our Friendship never know any end!
May you blow candles, and keep cutting cakes,
N’ I sing you a Birthday Song, as mighty as it takes!

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