Birthday Wishes For Husband

birthday wishes images for husband

Happy Birthday Wishes for Husband

A birthday is a day on which we all wish to feel loved and valued. We harbor wishes of being celebrated by our loved ones on this day. Similarly, we want to make our loved ones feel special on their birthdays. If it is your beloved husband’s birthday, you sure would be planning about how to make the day memorable for him. You might be throwing surprise parties, ordering cakes, buying gifts, and wishing them a happy birthday with cute and amazing birthday cards carrying beautiful messages. These messages can be romantic, funny, naughty, sensuous, double-meaning, philosophical, and warm. It can be mushy and passionate, thus making your husband feel adored and cherished.

Here we provide a happy birthday to husband wishes messages & images. Check Collection of wishes for a husband and pick a best for her.

birthday wishes for husband

Hubby, I miss you the most
When you are away!
Sending you Loveor
a Happy Birthday ☺ !

The day I met you first
Made my life beautiful!
You deserve a Happy Birthday
As you are my hubby, smart and cool!

My father found me the best hubby
Smarter and handsomer than all
Here’s Wishing my Best Buddy
A Happy Birthday with kisses big and small!

birthday wishes husband


May this day return every year
With joys forever to stay!
Here’s wishing my dearest Husband,
The Happiest Ever Birthday!

I love you my Dearest Hubby
More than Words can Say!
I promise to do everything possible
To gift you a Happy Birthday!

Birthday is fun, birthdays are a joy
More so when the Big Day is yours
You are the Best, Dear Husband
Thousands of Birthday Hugs I Send!

birthday wishes images for husband

I’m thankful for this day
On which you were born
I promise you the Happiest Birthday
Which may bring flowers and no thorn!

A husband like you is every woman’s dream
With joy you’ve filled me up to the brim!
I wish you the Happiest Birthday Ever!
May we drift away from each other never!

Lemme Bake Cakes and Let’s Shake Legs
As it’s your Birthday, today!
Here’s wishing My Hubby All Happiness
And a Wonderful Birthday!

happy birthday wishes image husband

Your Birthday is a Special Day
Just As you are the Most Special Hubby!
I Wish you a Wonderful Birthday
That is Joyous, Fun, and Happy!

A Birthday Happy and Fun
Is Wished for my Most Favorite one!
I Love You, Dear Hubby
I’ll Do Anything to make you Happy!

My Husband is my Best Friend!
My Love for him Knows No End!
I wish Him the Happiest Birthday,
Always Blessed He be May!

birthday images husband

I don’t know whether I deserve you,
And your heart of gold, Dear Husband!
Here’s wishing a Happy Birthday to you,
And eternal togetherness with no end!

Life brought me you
As a Husband and a Friend
I will make this your Happiest Birthday
Where Joy and Cheer will know no end!

Your 30th Birthday today is going to be a lovely one,
As you share your b-day, Dear Hubby,
With our 1-year-old little darling Baby,
I wish both my sweethearts Happy Birthdays full of fun!

List of Birthday Messages for husband

Your Birthday is a special day
And I’ll make it happy in every way
As you are my Darling Husband
Whose love for me knows no end!

The day we got married
Changed my life forever!
I Love you, Dearest Hubby
N’ wish you a Birthday, Fun and Happy!

Let the moon shine and let the stars glitter
As the clock strikes 12 N’ I feed you an apple fritter
To Usher in your Birthday
N’ bring smiles in every way!

Hubby, you deserve all the joys your heart can hold
N’ all the happy surprises this life can unfold!
May you have the Best of Everything!
Have a Happy Birthday, My Handsome King!

You take away all my discomfort,
You have been my strongest support!
I wish you a wonderful Birthday,
Dear Hubby, Have Fun in every happy way!

Some days, you are busy crazy,
Some days, you are slow and lazy,
But, Hubby, I love you every day!
Have a Happy Birthday with joys to stay!

You are the finest Man on Earth,
Dear Husband, you deserve all joy and mirth
Wish You a Happy Birthday, Darling!
May God Bless you with Every Happy Thing!

Hubby, I believe God Created You for Me
To Give us Love and Make Us Happy
As you add another year, dear,
I wish you a Happy Birthday N’ lots of Cheer!

Dear Husband, May this Birthday
Be as Special As You Are!
May God’s Blessings reach you
From every corner, near and far!

Happy 26th Birthday, Dear Husband!
May our Love for each other know no end!

Happy Birthday, My Love,
My Life, My Laughter,
My Husband, My Soulmate,
Wishing you a Happy 28!!!

As you turn Twenty-Seven,
I’m sure ours was a Match Made in Heaven!
Happy Birthday, Dear Husband,
May your love for me never ever end!

I’m so lucky to have found you
As my closest friend
And the best ever husband
Who deserves the Happiest Birthday
To Enjoy and Have Fun in Every Way!

May I get to Celebrate your Birthday
With you, till the last year of my Life,
Happy Birthday, My Dear Husband!
I’m so blessed to be your Wife!

Hubby, As your turn forty-four,
I promise to love you even more,
May you have a Happy Birthday and Year,
Full of Luck, Hope, and Joyous Cheer!

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