The Best Happy Birthday Wishes for 2019

50 Of The Best Happy Birthday Wishes 

Are You looking for good Happy birthday Quotes? then you came to the right place for best wishes for bday guys.

Here We Collected inspirational, funny birthday wishes for a friend. Also, we posted more about happy birthday images on this site. Birthday is a thing that we wait for this day and on this day we prepare something extra to make more happy to this finally  Check Out this Happy Birthday Wishes and pick one of them and send your loved ones. Also, You can send the birthday Wishes images to the birthday guys.

If you are looking more then, so just check out belove birthday wishes messages and inspiration greetings and images. I hope following happy birthday wishes will help you make a birthday special and memorable.

Latest Happy birthday wishes

  • Happy Birthday! May your special day be filled with lots of surprises, gifts, and yummy chocolates! Enjoy your day!
  • Count your blessings and enjoy this special day to of yours to the maximum. A very Happy Birthday to my sweetheart.
  • Happy birthday to the sweetest person I know. May your life is filled with happiness and prosperity and you are able to reach great heights of success.
  • Happy birthday! May God grace you with a lot of new surprises and never-ending bliss this year! Stay happy, stay healthy!

Happy Birthday Wishes images

  • Happy Birthday! I wish you have a lot of new beginnings to unfold this year and get success in every venture that you take up!
  • As you are going close to becoming an adult, I pray you to get all the strength to tackle your problems and yet remain cheerful as you always are. Happy birthday!
  • A very happy birthday! I pray all your dreams come true and you are able to live the life you have always wanted to. God bless you!

Birthday Wishes

  • Happy birthday! May God bless you with good health and prosperity throughout the year!
  • It has been an amazing experience sharing such a beautiful bond with you all these years. I pray on this special day that you are able to outshine and become the person that you have always wanted to be. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday! Sing and dance celebrating this joy of getting mature and older!

Happy Birthday Message

  • Happy birthday! I hope you have your best birthday this year until next year that you can remember and cherish throughout.
  • Teenage has been a beautiful and exciting journey for you. Wishing you good luck for stepping into adulthood. May you shine here as well! Happy birthday!
  • I pray this special day of yours is filled with abundant joy and glory. Happy birthday!
  • Create some beautiful and lifetime cherishing moments on this special day of yours. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Quotes

  • Try adding more life to the upcoming years to come. You shall feel more liberated and contended. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday! I pray you to get a lot of Ferraro Rocher and red velvet cakes to celebrate this amazing day of yours.
  • Happy birthday! May you be the vibrant person always that you are and able to enjoy each and every moment in your life!
  • Happy birthday! Add a little wine to your glass and keep enjoying as this special day is totally yours.
  • Sending you in a lot of hugs and kisses on this special day of yours. Happy birthday, sweetie!
  • Happy birthday! I pray you remain as stylish and fabulous throughout and your style game remains young forever!

happy birthday wishes

 Inspirational Birthday Quotes

  1. It is very important to believe in yourself and have faith in the process of God and keep working hard to reach heights of success. Keep trying. Good Luck! Happy Birthday.
  2. Perseverance is always required on the road to success. Persevere and see the difference. All the best! Wish you Happiest Birthday.
  3. Happy Birthday, Your consistency has helped you reach where you are. Keep this positive attitude and you shall see yourself on the top of the world.
  4. Wish you happy birthday, Get up early in the morning and motivate yourself as your thoughts shall drive you to that road of success. All the best!
  5. Believe in your dreams. They shall come true when you focus on them with all your heart and soul. Good luck!
  6. Never be scared to stand for the truth. Try sticking to your values. They shall help you in the long run. All the best for your future! Happy birthday
  7. Happy birthday, Plant optimism in you and let it grow. Positivity is a very important factor. All the best!
  8. Happy birthday, Always stay inspired by the good deeds of others and try to let your life be impacted by that. Good luck!
  9. You have to keep pushing yourself to reach where you have wanted to and dreamt of. No one shall ever do that for you. All the best!Happy birthday
  10. Hard work and persistence is equally important. May you get success in all the ventures that you take up in the near future. Happy birthday
  11. You shall get nothing in your comfort zone. It’s all outside there. Happy birthday dear
  12. Try to make yourself perfect in any small thing that you do. Try and be unique. Happy birthday
  13. Take chances in life as you don’t really want to regret any decision in life. Happy birthday Friends
  14. Do not be scared of failures but be scared of not trying. Never give up. Happy birthday Dear
  15. Never let peer pressure take over your dreams and aspirations. Always dream high. Happy birthday to you

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes 

  1. Congratulations on getting a year older and pushing yourself towards having white hair and sans teeth. Happy Birthday!
  2. Another birthday and I wish you to be a more sensible person than what you were last year. Many happy returns of the day!
  3. I hope you know that you are losing your younger self and bracing for your old days. Happy Birthday!
  4. I want you to eat your birthday cake reminiscing every bite of it because soon you shall have to eat a birthday cake toothless! Happy Birthday!
  5. I pray you to grow like an old wine as with age it gets priceless. Happy Birthday!
  6.  Do let me know how it feels to step closer to death every year! Happy Birthday!
  7. I suggest you be sans makeup because even if you think you look young, let me remind you that you are old and getting older day by day! Happy Birthday!
  8. This world is filled with a lot of special people. And so on this special day of yours, I want you to feel good by sending you good wishes from one such special person like me. Happy Birthday!
  9. They say age makes you wiser and I am not surprised that you are aging. Happy Birthday!
  10. If you feel your cake looks empty today, you shouldn’t be worrying as a lot more candles soon going to be on it as you are aging so quickly. Happy Birthday!
  11. Happy Birthday! Here I wish you to remind that my birthday is nearing soon!
  12. We know that numbers are irrelevant when it’s your birthday but I want you to remember that you are sixty now. We just don’t forget. Happy Birthday!
  13. Congratulations on having survived another year and making us cringe a little more. Happy Birthday!
  14. You are getting old every year but you are definitely not getting wiser. You ought to do something about it. Happy Birthday!
  15. I am wishing you on your birthday because you owe me a tasty treat today. Happy Birthday!

Long Happy Birthday Wishes

  • Your birthday is so special for me, as this is the day someone like you saw the light of this earth.
  • I love this earth for giving me a wonderful person like you. Wish you an extravagant happy birthday on this special day.
  • rules are meant to be broken, birthdays are meant to be forgotten. But your birthday is something that I will remember even if I can’t remember anything. Happy birthday.
  • Life is short, but when I think about getting a friend like you in this short life, I become optimistic. Happy birthday

happy birthday wishes for kids

Cute Birthday Wishes For Kids

Child’s birthdays is one of the most memorable and entertaining events always. It excites you with them and there are some memorable parts of the birthday party always reside in these minds if you provide a lot of happiness with your great wishing message on happy birthday. If you’re looking to wish any kid in his/her birthday, it’ll be great for the happiness of both of you.

The excitement becomes double if you surprise them by providing birthday gifts with the same wishing cards. However small kids don’t have the awareness to keep these cards together safely so these are generally kept by their parents and it comes to comprehend by them when they grow. They also don’t have active participation in the event as compared to toddlers that enjoy these happy events with much eagerness.

Here Is a list of collection for a various happy birthday.

Birthday wishes Quotes for a friend

Birthday Quotes for daughter

Happy birthday images


Impressive happy birthday wishes for kids

Happy Birthday, dear child,
May you be loved far and wide!

May you have a happy fifth birthday,
May you be blessed with every bright sunray!

Happy birthday, little one!
Loved like you there is none!

First birthday is a very special day,
May God bless the boy,
May he have a happy birthday!

Birthdays are fun, birthdays bring joy,
Happy Birthday, dear child,
You are a very special boy!

Love you little girl,
Have a happy birthday,
Every joy be yours,
May blessed you stay!

birthday wishes for kids
                                       happy birthday wishes for kids

May you have a joyful day,
As you turn four,
Happy birthday, little doll,
Enjoy cakes, toys, and more!

As a munchkin turns three today,
I wish her a super happy birthday!

Love you, little boy,
Have a happy birthday
Full of fun and joy!

Your birthday is a special day,
You’re my favourite little princess,
Wish you a Happy Birthday,
With tons of hugs and kisses!

May you get toys, cakes, and crayons,
On this 4th birthday, dear child,
May you have a happy birthday,
May you be blessed far and wide

happy birthday kids
                                            Happy birthday kids

Happy Birthday to a little toddler,
Who brings smiles to our faces,
May you be blessed with love and smiles,
May you win all the races!

Birthday of a little princess
Means dolls, dance, and dresses,
Happy Birthday, dear girl,
Sending you the warmest wishes!

You bring all around you so much joy,
You’re the cutest little boy,
Happy Birthday!
Have much fun!

As the little one turns two,
I wish her a happy birthday,
Full of love and blessings true!

As the little boy turns three,
I WISH him a happy birthday,
Chirpy and sugary!

Happy Birthday to the cutest bunny,
Wishing you fun, frolics, and everything sunny!

birthday wishes images for kids
                                     Birthday wishes images for kids

Happy Birthday, sweetie pie,
Let’s party as you turn five!

Happy Birthday to the apple of our eye,
You, dear child, is the sweetest pie!

Happy Birthday, honey bunny!
You, dear boy, is too smart and funny!
May your life be rosy and sunny!

Happy Birthday, cutie pie!
Do know you’re the apple of our eye!

You’re my little Red Riding Hood,
Enjoy your sixth birthday,
As happily as you should!

May your birthday be fun,
May your birthday bring joy,
Stay Blessed forever,
Happy seventh birthday, little boy!

Birthday wishes for kids
                                        birthday wishes for kids

You’re your parents’ princess,
You’re my cutie munchkin,
Happy birthday, angel,
Sending you love and kisses!

Happy fourth birthday, to the cutest bunny!
Love you, dearie,
Stay as sweet as honey!

As the little girl turns seven,
I wish her a happy yippee birthday,
May she always be smart and driven!

You’re the sweetest kid in town,
May you never know a frown!
Have a happy eighth birthday,
Smiling may you forever stay!

Happy seventh birthday, kid!
I’M missing you more than I ever did! May you get sweeter and smarter,
I will love you forever and after!

Today, you turn a terrific ten,
You belong to the smart nexgen,
Wishing you the happiest birthday,
May all your smiles forever stay!

birthday wishes for kid girl
                                          birthday wishes for kid girl

Happy ninth birthday, kid!
You grew up before we batted an eyelid!
Enjoy the rainbows that life has to offer!
May you stay loved, near and far

Happy birthday wishes for Daughter

Here Are Best Birthday Wishes For Daughter

Daughter is a precious gift bestowed by God and we want to welcome every birthday of her in a unique way that can bring more fun and give him more happiness. We want to make it memorable for our daughter every time and it doesn’t matter whether she celebrating her 1st birthday or 25th birth. It’ll also precious to enter in the next of her life greatly and moving forward into her life. You can find out the best messages for her daughter to pronounce and remember the birthday exceedingly. These messages will be drastically helpful in bringing a cute, bright and big smile on her face.

If you become able to produce such happiness for your daughter, you’ll be one of the most lovable dads of the earth and a happier person as well. There are a lot of words to express your thoughts and happiness as a father for your daughter, how important precious diamond you’re for me and your mom!

Cute and Sweet Happy Birthday Wishes Daughter

birthday wishes for daughter
best birthday wishes for daughter

Daughter, Daughter,
Little Daughter,
Happy Birthday,
You are all that matter!

When God is Kind, He blesses a Father
With a Daughter
Whom I Wish a Happy Birthday!
Your smile is all that Matter!

God’s Kindest Blessing to a Mother
Is her Firstborn to be a Daughter
Whom I wish a Happy 16th Birthday
Full of Smiles, Cakes, and Chatter!

You are my angel, darling,
For you “Happy Birthday” I sing,
With lots of blessings, love, and cheer-
May your eyes never have a drop o’ tear!

You are my darling princess
Whom I give a Million Kisses
On her 12th happy birthday!
Daddy loves you more than he’ll ever say!

birthday wishes for daughter from dad
                                birthday wishes from dad

If I were a King, You would be my Princess,
Darling Daughter, for you are all my kisses,
Wish you the Happiest Ever Birthday!
Dad loves you more than he can say!

Happy Birthday, Darling Daughter,
Your Smile is All that Matter!
We are Proud to be your Parents
You are the Best of Life’s Presents!

If I were a Queen, you would be my Darling Princess,
I wish you a Happy Birthday, Darling Daughter,
For you are all my Love, Hugs, and Kisses!

On this day I first became a Mother
Of the Best Daughter
Like whom can be None Other,
Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!
Your Joy is all that matter!

Your 14th Birthday is also
The 14th Anniversary of my Motherhood-
It’s a Very Special Day, Beloved Daughter!
Happy Birthday, Be Blessed with everythin’ Good!

birthday wishes to my daughter
happy birthday wishes to my daughter

My Little Princess
Turns 10 Today!
May all Happiness be Yours-
Have a Happy Birthday!

The Day you were born
Was the Happiest Day in our Lives!
Happy Birthday, Darling Daughter!
May you be a winner in All Life’s Strives!

Daughter, you are my reason to live!
Have the Happiest of Birthdays!
I love you more than you would ever believe!

I’m Blesses to have you as a Daughter
I’m the luckiest Dad ever!
Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!
May you be smiling, forever!

My daughter is my Pride-
My brightest cause to live!
Happy Birthday, Honey!
To you, all my Love I Give!

A daughter is a bundle of Sugar and Spice
And everything Nice –
Wish you a Happy Birthday, Honey!
May life be sweet, in every slice!

happy birthday daughter image
Best Happy birthday daughter image

Mom’s Doll and Dad’s Princess,
Here’s a million Birthday Kisses-
Happy Birthday, Darling Daughter!
Enjoy with Lots of Smiles and Chatter!

As you grow into a Teen,
Princess, Be Ready to be a Queen!
Have the Happiest ever Birthday!
Your Adolescence be glorious, may!

You’ve always brought us Joy,
Pride, Happiness, and Glee!
Happy Birthday, Darling Daughter!
You mean to us more than the world can see!

As you Turn Twenty, Beloved Daughter,
I Find a Confidante in You!
Happy Birthday, My Closest Friend!
My Love for you knows no end!

As you Become an Adult and Turn Eighteen,
I know My Princess will soon be a Queen!
But, I would never be ready to let you go-
Happy Birthday, Honey! Please grow slow!

Ever since you were born,
You’ve been the Apple of My Eye-
May you have the Happiest Birthday,
Full of Cakes, Sugar, Cherry, and Pie!

Best happy birthday daughter quotes
Happy birthday daughter quotes

I got a Living Doll, the Day you were Born!
And My Doll Turns Seventeen Today –
Love you Darling, Have a Happy Birthday!
May Life be Full of Roses N’ Not a Single Thorn!

Happy Birthday, Dear Daughter!
May Life Shower you Lots of Glitter
Of Hope, Love, Joy, and Cheer!
May you never know a speck of fear!

You are our Darling Princess
Who Deserves a Million Kisses
On Her Birthday and Forever!
Keep Smiling, be Sad Never!

As you turn Thirty today,
Dear Daughter, you are my Biggest Support!
I wish you a Happy Yippie Birthday!
May we always enjoy this friendly rapport!

My Princess turns Ten, Today,
And she’s so grownup already!
I’m amazed when you act so big!
Happy Birthday, Dear Lady!

Pretty Maid, Pretty Maid,
Blessed I’ve been,
To have you as my Daughter!
Have a Happy Nineteen!

Happy birthday daughter
Happy birthday daughter

Que Sera Sera, Dear Princess,
What Will Be Will be,
Have a Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!
May it be the Sweetest Sixteen!

My Love for you Knows no Bounds-
I cannot measure it in ounces and pounds!
Here’s wishing you, my princess, a Happy Sixteen,
A Birthday full of Cheer and Sheen!

Happy Birthday Meme 2019

Happy Birthday Meme

Birthdays are the best time of everyone’s life. It is special and brings all such happy and positive vibes for anyone who has his or her birthday. We wait all the year long for this day to come so that we can celebrate it with our special ones including relatives, family members, and friends. All our friends and family memes try their best to make this day work for us and also take out time to make us feel special. Birthdays are a highlight for us. We all cannot deny how important it is for us. And, not just our own birthday, but the birthdays of our closed ones as well.

Happy birthday memes for her

We wish to celebrate our own birthday as well as the birthday of our closed ones including friends and family together to share the happiness. Well, with the meme trend going on with such bustle, what could be a better gift to tag your friends and family members in a happy birthday meme. A happy birthday meme will have all sorts of funny elements which will definitely put a smile on the face of your friend or your family member who have their birthday. They are going to be very happy once they see that you have shared something so special to them.

Well, since the meme thing is in trend a lot, so there are a lot of memes on happy birthday which can be shared with the people you love. Thus, we have listed for you some of the best happy birthday memes which you can share with your friends on all social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or any other platform that you use. These memes are available in different languages as well. well, not just that, these memes are suited for all the people in your life.

We have listed down happy birthday memes for your mother, father, friends, sister, brother, boyfriend, girlfriend, colleague, and more. the happy birthday memes here are funny, dirty, amusing, witty, and with a lot of wishes, and blessings. Not only you can wish someone with these happy birthday memes, but also ask for a treat from them. Get yourself a happy birthday party by using these memes and sharing them with your friends and family members. And, if you want to remind everyone of your birthday, we have happy birthday memes which you can share with others and make sure that they are reminded of your birthday and can get you a gift you deserve.

There are many kinds of memes here for birthday that you will love so many options. You can go with any of the happy birthday meme and share it with people all around the world. Well, with that said, let go off all the waiting and make no waste of time. Scroll down and find yourself a happening and interesting birthday meme which will convey the message that you want to and sing out happy birthday to your people with a meme.

Happy birthday memes for a friend

birthday meme for her

birthday meme image

birthday meme images

happy birthday meme for her

Birthday Wishes For Husband

Happy Birthday Wishes for Husband

A birthday is a day on which we all wish to feel loved and valued. We harbor wishes of being celebrated by our loved ones on this day. Similarly, we want to make our loved ones feel special on their birthdays. If it is your beloved husband’s birthday, you sure would be planning about how to make the day memorable for him. You might be throwing surprise parties, ordering cakes, buying gifts, and wishing them a happy birthday with cute and amazing birthday cards carrying beautiful messages. These messages can be romantic, funny, naughty, sensuous, double-meaning, philosophical, and warm. It can be mushy and passionate, thus making your husband feel adored and cherished.

Here we provide a happy birthday to husband wishes messages & images. Check Collection of wishes for a husband and pick a best for her.

birthday wishes for husband

Hubby, I miss you the most
When you are away!
Sending you Loveor
a Happy Birthday ☺ !

The day I met you first
Made my life beautiful!
You deserve a Happy Birthday
As you are my hubby, smart and cool!

My father found me the best hubby
Smarter and handsomer than all
Here’s Wishing my Best Buddy
A Happy Birthday with kisses big and small!

birthday wishes husband


May this day return every year
With joys forever to stay!
Here’s wishing my dearest Husband,
The Happiest Ever Birthday!

I love you my Dearest Hubby
More than Words can Say!
I promise to do everything possible
To gift you a Happy Birthday!

Birthday is fun, birthdays are a joy
More so when the Big Day is yours
You are the Best, Dear Husband
Thousands of Birthday Hugs I Send!

birthday wishes images for husband

I’m thankful for this day
On which you were born
I promise you the Happiest Birthday
Which may bring flowers and no thorn!

A husband like you is every woman’s dream
With joy you’ve filled me up to the brim!
I wish you the Happiest Birthday Ever!
May we drift away from each other never!

Lemme Bake Cakes and Let’s Shake Legs
As it’s your Birthday, today!
Here’s wishing My Hubby All Happiness
And a Wonderful Birthday!

happy birthday wishes image husband

Your Birthday is a Special Day
Just As you are the Most Special Hubby!
I Wish you a Wonderful Birthday
That is Joyous, Fun, and Happy!

A Birthday Happy and Fun
Is Wished for my Most Favorite one!
I Love You, Dear Hubby
I’ll Do Anything to make you Happy!

My Husband is my Best Friend!
My Love for him Knows No End!
I wish Him the Happiest Birthday,
Always Blessed He be May!

birthday images husband

I don’t know whether I deserve you,
And your heart of gold, Dear Husband!
Here’s wishing a Happy Birthday to you,
And eternal togetherness with no end!

Life brought me you
As a Husband and a Friend
I will make this your Happiest Birthday
Where Joy and Cheer will know no end!

Your 30th Birthday today is going to be a lovely one,
As you share your b-day, Dear Hubby,
With our 1-year-old little darling Baby,
I wish both my sweethearts Happy Birthdays full of fun!

List of Birthday Messages for husband

Your Birthday is a special day
And I’ll make it happy in every way
As you are my Darling Husband
Whose love for me knows no end!

The day we got married
Changed my life forever!
I Love you, Dearest Hubby
N’ wish you a Birthday, Fun and Happy!

Let the moon shine and let the stars glitter
As the clock strikes 12 N’ I feed you an apple fritter
To Usher in your Birthday
N’ bring smiles in every way!

Hubby, you deserve all the joys your heart can hold
N’ all the happy surprises this life can unfold!
May you have the Best of Everything!
Have a Happy Birthday, My Handsome King!

You take away all my discomfort,
You have been my strongest support!
I wish you a wonderful Birthday,
Dear Hubby, Have Fun in every happy way!

Some days, you are busy crazy,
Some days, you are slow and lazy,
But, Hubby, I love you every day!
Have a Happy Birthday with joys to stay!

You are the finest Man on Earth,
Dear Husband, you deserve all joy and mirth
Wish You a Happy Birthday, Darling!
May God Bless you with Every Happy Thing!

Hubby, I believe God Created You for Me
To Give us Love and Make Us Happy
As you add another year, dear,
I wish you a Happy Birthday N’ lots of Cheer!

Dear Husband, May this Birthday
Be as Special As You Are!
May God’s Blessings reach you
From every corner, near and far!

Happy 26th Birthday, Dear Husband!
May our Love for each other know no end!

Happy Birthday, My Love,
My Life, My Laughter,
My Husband, My Soulmate,
Wishing you a Happy 28!!!

As you turn Twenty-Seven,
I’m sure ours was a Match Made in Heaven!
Happy Birthday, Dear Husband,
May your love for me never ever end!

I’m so lucky to have found you
As my closest friend
And the best ever husband
Who deserves the Happiest Birthday
To Enjoy and Have Fun in Every Way!

May I get to Celebrate your Birthday
With you, till the last year of my Life,
Happy Birthday, My Dear Husband!
I’m so blessed to be your Wife!

Hubby, As your turn forty-four,
I promise to love you even more,
May you have a Happy Birthday and Year,
Full of Luck, Hope, and Joyous Cheer!